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We are a bunch of talented, esthete professionals and we want to distinguish ourselves on the market. It all begun from a nice smart idea and the desire to benefit from our previous experience, having worked in mass-media and advertising. Starting 2004, we offer optimal solutions for our clients, in search for the best communicational channels for them. With every artwork of ours, no matter how sm...read more

Creative services

- Corporate identity (stationery), branding, rebranding, logo design, product identity (packaging design); - Advertising concepts and visuals, printing ads, copywriting, radio and tv scripts; - Custom publishing, layout, prepress; - Set-ups and professional photo-shootings (food, fashion, event).

Tampo printing

The tampo printing process is used to transfer the ink from an etched printing plate to any kind of surface using a silicone rubber pad. The main advantage of this method of printing is its ability to print on virtually any kind of irregular surface. It is used to print plastics, metals, textiles and ceramics.
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" In order to have high quality projects you need partners with sophisticated ideas and solid professional experience. To carry into effect these ideas, you need a dynamic professional team and for us all these qualities are well-summarized by the 'divina pubblicita' team. "

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